Munich Beach Mural

This mural was a private commission for a residential dwelling in Munich, Germany.

The brief was to make the room feel brighter and lighter, and create the feeling of being on a beach holiday all year round. Rather than employ a typical trompe l’oeil technique where the image may only work from one particular spot in the room but appear skewed elsewhere, I used a multi-point perspective to “cheat” the different facets of the image so that it would work not only upon entering the room but also from wherever you then sat or stood within the space. I kept the image itself quiet open and neutral so as to maximise the feeling of openness, then added multiple very small details that would not necessarily be seen immediately as a way of ensuring long term interest and enjoyment of the mural for the daily occupants of the room.

As well as colour matching the wooden boards in the image to the existing floorboards, I also painted several foreground plants that could be found in real life throughout the house, including one in the same style of pot so as to further tie in the image to the room and help blur the line between the room and the painting.

ServicesFine Art. KunstClientPrivateYear2009